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Common Jewelry Problems That Require Repair

Jewelry Problems that Require Repair

While luxury jewelry is crafted to last, featuring sturdy precious metals and impenetrable gemstones, your prized possessions are not entirely impervious to damage. Jewelry, especially the pieces that are loved well and worn with frequency, may, over time, require certain repairs. We have put together a guide to some of the most common jewelry issues that need such care.

Ring Resizing

One of the repairs jewelers perform most often is ring resizing. If a ring is too large, the jeweler may cut out a piece of the band and solder it together, achieving a seamless finish. Too small, and the jeweler may stretch the metal or add an extra bit of metal. This process is a bit more complicated, as rings can only be extended to about a half size larger.

Re-Tipping or Replacing Prongs

Prongs are tiny spokes of metal that hold gemstones securely in place. They are designed to allow the most surface area to be visible, so they are typically thin, making them prone to damage. Experienced jewelers are trained in re-tipping – replacing the tips of the prongs – and prong replacement. These services will ensure your valuable gems remain anchored to the piece.

Replacing a Stone

If one of your favorite pieces has lost a stone, or you’re ready to replace a stone with one of higher carat value or a different cut, your local jeweler should be able to accomplish this easily. Depending on the ring setting, the presence of side stones, the amount of detail imbued into the piece, etc., this repair can range in price, and the amount of time it takes for the repair to be completed.

Replacing Chains or Clasps

Whether your chain jewelry features thick or thin links, they are susceptible to breaking or separating under pressure. Your jeweler may be able to solder the links back together or replace them entirely. Chain clasps can also be quite delicate and may require more complex repair. Your local jeweler should be trained on a myriad of clasp types and be able to return them to their original functionality.

Changing Earring Posts

An earring post refers to the piece that threads through your ear. There are several reasons why one might want to have their earrings’ posts replaced. For instance, perhaps your ears are sensitive, and you need to switch to a hypoallergenic metal. Or, the posts are too thick and irritate your ears, and you’d like thinner ones. Professional jewelers can also replace broken or missing posts.

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