All About the Round Cut Diamonds


All About the Round Cut 

Round cut diamonds have a classic uniformity and symmetry that produce a beautiful stone known for giving off more light than any other diamond cut. The shape allows for 58 facets, or sides, which give light plenty of angles to reflect off the stone, brilliantly refracting the inner colors and inclusions of the diamond. Diamond cutters have been working for centuries to perfect techniques to create diamonds with high percentages of brilliance – the amount of light that reflects off the surface of the stone. Modern innovations in cutting technologies over the last 100 years have resulted in round cut diamonds that possess unsurpassed brilliance and near-perfection.

History of the Round Cut Diamond

Round cut diamonds are the oldest known cut in history. Dating as far back as the 17th century, diamond cutters have been known to cut this shape in an effort to obtain a shine and sparkle off the natural stone. Techniques have developed throughout the centuries, starting with crude round shapes and eventually evolving into circular stones with the invention of the bruting machine in the late 1800s, which allowed the precursor of the modern round cut to be created. By the early 1900s, as the world was entering the Art Deco Era, technology had evolved to create the cut as we know it today.

Why Choose a Round Cut Ring?

Round cut rings offer an unmatched sparkle of light and fire so it’s no wonder they are the most popular stone cut chosen for engagement rings every year. These exquisite stones are extremely versatile, their popularity means designers include them in a number of styles. Plus, their classic shape can be placed into almost any setting universally. Smaller, round cut stones still give off a supreme sparkle while larger stones can be prominently featured nestled into a prong setting at the center of a solitaire or halo ring design. The cut is timeless and its popularity is unmatched. The round cut diamond is a favorite among A-listers such as Emily Blunt, Olivia Wilde, and Natalie Portman.

Find Your Round Cut Ring at BENARI JEWELERS

BENARI JEWELERS has been bringing designer bridal jewelry to the Delaware Valley and Philadelphia area for over fifty years. With locations in Exton and Newtown Square, we are proud to serve our neighbors in Malvern, Chester Springs, Downington, and Springfield. As a purveyor of the finest ethically sourced loose diamonds, we make it our mission to connect local couples with a diamond ring that exceeds every expectation. If you are on the market for a gorgeous oval cut ring, schedule a diamond consultation as either a virtual visit or an in-store appointment, for a personalized viewing with our team of diamond specialists. 

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