All About Oval Cut Diamonds

All About the Oval Cut

Oval cut diamonds are considered modified brilliant cuts as they have a brilliant sparkle created by the specific facet placement. The oval cut has an elongated shape, often resulting in more surface area to reflect light than the traditional round cut. The graceful cut with soft edges leads to a diamond that is less likely to chip, giving it an advantage over other harsher cuts. In addition, the elongated shape creates the impression that one’s fingers are longer and more slender. The effect also works with the stone itself, making an oval cut diamond appear larger when set in a ring than a round cut stone of the same carat.

History of the Oval Cut Diamond

The oval cut diamond has a long history dating back to the year 1304 when the first cut of this shape was documented, however, it wasn’t until the 1950’s when the cut was finally perfected. A Russian diamond cutter named Lazare Kaplan finally developed a technique in 1957 that created the cut as we know it today – a technique that is used to this day to give diamonds this beautiful shape with the delicate facets that create brilliant reflections of light. The most famous oval cut diamond is the Koh-i-Noor Diamond, a 105.6 carat stone on display with the British Crown Jewels. This stone, also known as the “Mountain of Light,” is one of the largest cut diamonds in the world.

Why Choose an Oval Cut Ring?

Oval cut rings are an ideal engagement ring choice for anyone who loves soft, vintage style and is looking for the brilliance of a round cut stone with a more unique look. The oval cut truly stands out from the crowd. They are often used with rose gold or yellow gold on either a solid metal band or one set with delicate side stones, adding to the romantic feel of the stone. These beautiful stones can be used in a solitaire, three stone, or halo engagement ring design. With so much style and versatility, it is no wonder this style is a favorite of celebs like Hailey Bieber and Kirsten Dunst.

Find Your Oval Cut Ring at BENARI JEWELERS

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