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Sterling Silver Necklaces

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286 Products Found (10 Pages)
$620.00 Tacori Necklace SN13305 product image

Tacori Necklace SN13305

Sterling Silver (925)
$2,220.00 Tacori Necklace SN100Y05 product image

Tacori Necklace SN100Y05

Sterling Silver (925)
$500.00 Tacori Necklace SN13405 product image

Tacori Necklace SN13405

Sterling Silver (925)
$1,560.00 Tacori Necklace SN11405 product image

Tacori Necklace SN11405

Sterling Silver (925) 18K White Gold
$550.00 Tacori Necklace SN10819 product image

Tacori Necklace SN10819

Sterling Silver (925) 18K White Gold
$1,060.00 Tacori Necklace SN105Y19 product image

Tacori Necklace SN105Y19

Sterling Silver (925)
$870.00 Tacori Necklace SN104P13 product image

Tacori Necklace SN104P13

Sterling Silver (925)
$2,340.00 Tacori Necklace SN100P25 product image

Tacori Necklace SN100P25

Sterling Silver (925)
$650.00 Tacori Necklace SN10813 product image

Tacori Necklace SN10813

18K White Gold Sterling Silver (925)
$1,530.00 Tacori Necklace SN102P13 product image

Tacori Necklace SN102P13

Sterling Silver (925)
$890.00 Tacori Necklace SN111P product image

Tacori Necklace SN111P

Sterling Silver (925)
$750.00 Tacori Necklace SN15727 product image

Tacori Necklace SN15727

Sterling Silver (925)
$810.00 Tacori Necklace SN15734 product image

Tacori Necklace SN15734

Sterling Silver (925)
$930.00 Tacori Necklace SN15735 product image

Tacori Necklace SN15735

Sterling Silver (925)
$580.00 Tacori Necklace SN15827 product image

Tacori Necklace SN15827

Sterling Silver (925)
$590.00 Tacori Necklace SN15834 product image

Tacori Necklace SN15834

Sterling Silver (925)
$660.00 Tacori Necklace SN15835 product image

Tacori Necklace SN15835

Sterling Silver (925)
$830.00 Tacori Necklace SN15927 product image

Tacori Necklace SN15927

Sterling Silver (925)
$880.00 Tacori Necklace SN15934 product image

Tacori Necklace SN15934

Sterling Silver (925)
$960.00 Tacori Necklace SN15935 product image

Tacori Necklace SN15935

Sterling Silver (925)
$400.00 Tacori Necklace SN16027 product image

Tacori Necklace SN16027

Sterling Silver (925)
$410.00 Tacori Necklace SN16034 product image

Tacori Necklace SN16034

Sterling Silver (925)
$440.00 Tacori Necklace SN16035 product image

Tacori Necklace SN16035

Sterling Silver (925)
$2,170.00 Tacori Necklace SN16127 product image

Tacori Necklace SN16127

Sterling Silver (925)
$2,190.00 Tacori Necklace SN16134 product image

Tacori Necklace SN16134

Sterling Silver (925)
$2,250.00 Tacori Necklace SN16135 product image

Tacori Necklace SN16135

Sterling Silver (925)
$700.00 Tacori Necklace SN16227 product image

Tacori Necklace SN16227

Sterling Silver (925)
$720.00 Tacori Necklace SN16234 product image

Tacori Necklace SN16234

Sterling Silver (925)
$780.00 Tacori Necklace SN16235 product image

Tacori Necklace SN16235

Sterling Silver (925)
$570.00 Tacori Necklace SN16327 product image

Tacori Necklace SN16327

Sterling Silver (925)

Items per page

286 Products Found (10 Pages)

Characteristics of Sterling Silver Necklaces

Sterling Silver necklaces come in a wide variety of fashionable choices and are always an incredible way to add big style, sparkle, and color at a reasonable price. BENARI JEWELERS carries a spectacular selection of sterling silver necklaces from well-known jewelry brands such as Tacori and John Hardy. BENARI JEWELERS is proud to be an authorized retailer for these designers, as well as a variety of other sterling silver necklace designers. When you shop BENARI JEWELERS, you will find a diverse selection of incredibly luxurious and unique sterling silver necklace styles to choose from. We strive to find items that will dazzle and delight our customers. Whether you are looking for something for yourself, or a gift for someone else, you’ll find just what you are looking for. Our stunning sterling silver necklace collection includes classic and modern styles, plus everything in between. Our enduring sterling silver necklace collection features, intricate details, mixed metal combinations, diamonds and other gemstones.

Why Buy a Sterling Silver Necklace from BENARI JEWELERS?

BENARI JEWELERS has been family-owned and operated for over 50 years. We have established ourselves as a Delaware Valley institution by adhering to a simple philosophy: treat each customer, as if they were our only customer. A belief you’ll find reflected in each and everything we do—from our excellent customer service, exquisite selection, and willingness to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. At BENARI JEWELERS we have aligned ourselves with several prestigious jewelry organizations including; The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), American Gem Society (AGS), and the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC), as well as many others. We stand behind everything we sell and we even provide the BENARI JEWELERS Rewards Program, which is designed to thank you for your most valued patronage. You earn points for every dollar you spend in our stores. We also want you to absolutely love your sterling silver necklaces and any other jewelry you purchase from us. Bring them in anytime to get it cleaned and inspected. We are always here to meet your jewelry needs.

Top Rated Sterling Silver Necklaces

Some of the top-rated styles of sterling silver necklaces that we carry at BENARI JEWELERS include the fabulous Tacori Necklace SN126Y16, the alluring Tacori Necklace SN10802, and the vintage inspired John Hardy Necklace NBS54381LO. Prices on sterling silver necklaces can vary significantly depending on design elements, whether or not there are diamonds or other gemstones in the sterling silver necklace, and if there are other metals precious metals that are included in the piece.
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